This style of printing uses the process of removing cellulose from a dual or multi-fiber fabric under the influence of heat and acid. The fabric is specially constructed for the purpose so when the cellulose is removed there remains a skeleton of non-cellulosic yarn to hold it together. And this semi-transparent pattern can be used for decoration.



Print paste:

12-20% Aluminium Sulphate

60% Lameprint EG-90 (8% stock)

5% Glycerine (glycerol)

water to 100%



Stick the special polyester/cotton devoré fabric onto the print table. Print the fabric with the preprepared print paste through a screen using a squeegee (4 strokes). Dry the fabric under the fan heater. Once dry transfer the fabric to a hot air treatment used to achieve the pyrolysis (burn out) of the cellulose. The char is removed during washing off.

Print, dry, bake (dry heat) 180-190℃ for 40-60 seconds.

Wash in cold running water for 2 mins.

Wash in hot water (60℃) containing: 0.5g/L sodium carbonate+0.5g/L detergent for 5 mins.

Rinse in cold water and dry.